21 December 2012

ARGENTINA : 24 Dec UPDATE: Looting Spread To 40 Cities; Over 500 Arrests, 100 Injured; 3 Dead; Thousands Of Police And Troops Deployed.

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         Civil unrest...officially spread to 40 cities throughout Argentina...with 292 businesses looted...and 3 confirmed dead.
        2 were killed...and 25 injured...in Rosario...the nation's 3rd largest city...with 137 were arrested there.
        Overall...more than 100 have been injured...with more than 500 arrested...and thousands of police and troops deployed.
        The government and unions are trading accusations of blame for the lootings.
       Lootings with injuries and arrests were reported in Chaco, Misones, Tucuman, Rio Negro and Corrientes provinces.
       At least 117 rioters were arrested for looting in Buenos Aires province.
      In Bariloche on Thursday...400 federal agents were dispatched to the mountainous resort city...after gangs of youths looted at least 3 supermarkets...causing widespread panic among residents.
      Dozens of masked thieves stole toys, electronics, bikes and clothes.
      Local police used tear gas and water cannons but were attacked with a barrage of stones.
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