30 November 2012

MEXICO : Outgoing President Calderon's Legacy...Incoming Pena Nieto's Promises; TIME Interviews EPN; Knights Templar Narcos Persist.


     Tomorrow....guapo/handsome Enrique Pena Nieto (below foto) will become Mexico's new president.
     Meanwhile...grizzled and beleaguered vet of 6 years of bloody warfare that claimed over 100,000 lives...Felipe Calderon (above foto) will have at least one year of safety in Boston as a visiting fellow at Harvard.
     Some narcos have vowed to murder him in retribution for his years of hardcore pursuit of their bosses.
     Calderon boasts about capturing or killing 25 of the 37 most wanted narcos.
     But most Mexican are ambivalent about Calderon's departure...and EPN's ascent to power.
     He only won 38% of the national vote split among 3 candidates...and represents the much hated and long dominant PRI party's return to power.
     EPN is offering change...but few details.
     He vows to concentrate on criminal activities...not just narco bosses...and promote economic growth to 6% annually.
     It is now about 3%.
     Many in Mexico's media snickered...and some resented...that USA President Obama gave EPN only 15 minutes during his recent visit to the White House.

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    !NEW! Pena Nieto Talks With TIME: