10 November 2012

HUNGARY / CANADA / CELEBRITY GOSSIP : 12 Nov UPDATE: 13 Palvin Images; Bieber Calls Split A 'Blip'; Budapest Beauty Palvin Blamed For Justin Bieber/Selena Gomez Split.

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         Young Canadian pop star Justin Bieber denies splitting with actress Selena Gomez, 20...over a beauty from Budapest.
         Some sources have claimed after 2 years together...he dropped Gomez...for striking Victoria Secret model...Hungarian Barbara Palvin, 19 (top foto).
        He calls the split...a temporary 'blip.'
        Bieber avows that there is nothing between him and model Palvin.
         Normally...this blog 'would not care a fig...even if the editor would be labelled a pig'...but Palvin from Budapest, Hungary...is HOT!
  18 year-old Bieber's hormones may be kicking in...and really...who can blame him?
She has tweeted...they are just friends!
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