10 November 2012

USA / LATIN AMERICA : Will Latin Leaders Fight Obama Over Drug War Policies? New Trade Deals May Falter.


     It didn't help the USA's long, stubborn and failing drug war policies...that 2 of its states...Washington and Colorado...just approved the legal recreational use of marijuana...even when federal policy forbids it.
     Now...Latin American leaders may be more emboldened to push for drastic changes in what they see also as a long failed 'war on drugs'.
     At least 3 nations...Mexico, Colombia and Guatemala have asked for discussing alternatives to the current drug war.
     Uruguay's President Mujica has controversially called for government control and sale of pot there.
     Brasil's former President Cardoso says...'Nobody knows where this is going yet...but nobody seems very concerned about how the USA will react.'
    Trade there is expected to continue growing with China...Asia...and even Russia...and away from dependence on the USA.