26 October 2012

CUBA / USA : 'National Geographic' Visits La Isla Grande; Cuba Claims To Welcome Back Post 1994 Rafters And Exiles.

         LONG READ

     In a cover story...'Cuba's New Now'...National Geographic Magazine editor Cynthia Gorney describes 9-weeks of research there.
    Have conditions for most Cubans really changed from Raul Castro's modest 'reforms'?
    Many of the young are still impatient for real change...and still building boats...and still making plans to escape the island.
      AND: New Cuban measures claim to offer a warm welcome to post 1994 rafters, doctors, athletes and other economic exiles...formerly branded as gusanos and traitors.
     The measure may allow from 70,000 to 300,000 Cuban exiles to return to the island for visits.
     Observers say Raul Castro is hoping to extract hard currency from the exilios...and increase important remittances.