26 October 2012

MEXICO : Narcos Step Up Their Warring...With RPGs.


     During a recent narco raid...Mexican security forces were shocked to find 3 Soviet made anti-tank rockets and a RPG launcher.
     Since the army and officials often travel by helicopter...rockets could have easily taken out any copters. 
   “The RPG-7 is a weapon that causes incredible devastation from Iraq to Afghanistan,” says arms expert Rachel Stohl
    “When they fall into the hands of criminal groups, it changes the dynamics and escalates the conflict. Instead of just a gunfight on a street, you have military firepower.”
     The launchers and rockets are out there.
     In 2010...Honduras lost 22 RPGs and rockets in a theft.
     The fearsome and brutal Zetas have invaded Central America...seeking more powerful weapons...and even building tanks.
     “The Zetas are a criminal paramilitary organization that is spreading through Mexico and Central America like the bubonic plague,” says a former DEA  chief.