27 August 2012

SPAIN / EU : 28 August UPDATE: Jeers...Not Tears...For MP Collarte's Money Whine; Madrid's Recession Deepens.


     First...there was the Portugal's President Cavaco...who whined about a minor adjustment to his 10,000 MONTHLY euro salary.
     Because of public outrage and protests...he was forced to apologize for his insensitivity.
    Now...Spanish MP Guillermo Collarte from Galicia complained to a newspaper how hard it is to get by...on 5,100 euros per month...while nearly 25% of his nation is unemployed..and  austerity and PM Rajoy rule.
    Spaniards are dumb-founded by Collarte's whine...in a nation where the minimum salary is 640 euros monthly. 
      NEW!!!  Important NE province Catalonia asks Madrid for...5 billion euros...to pay debts and bills. 
      PM Rajoy still dithers over EU bailout request...but its very short term debt yields plunge...and tourism rises.

  TO SEE: Video of Portugal protest vs Prez. Cavaco: