11 July 2012

ITALY : 13 July UPDATE: Oh, No! 'Bunga Bunga' Silvio Set To Run For PM Again.

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     This is hard to believe.
     Never ending scandals plagued ex-PM Silvio Berlusconi, 75...may run again for PM.
     Close confidants and supporters say he is getting ready to challenge in the next election.
     Worse...some experts say...he has a good chance of winning.
     He plans to change the name of his conservative party...and recruit young, attractive candidates.
     Polling shows that with the sly, anciano Silvio heading the ticket...his updated party could get 28% of the vote...vs 10% without him.
     Current PM 'Super Mario' Monti has said he would not run for office.
     Monti's popularity has plummeted because of austerity measures...and rising borrowing costs.
     Moody's just downgraded its debt to 2 levels above junk.
     A Berlusconi return would alarm foreign investors...and terrorize EU officials.
     Come on...Italy!
     Seriously! Silvio again?