11 July 2012

RUSSIA : Model Causes Stink With Dog Poo Fight And Campaign.

        With 1:15 Russian video

     Don't ask this editor about dog poo.
     It seems like there's a new pile hidden along the path every morning during the jog thru my Austin park.
    But...while tongue lashing careless owners has been pondered...I have never considered doing what a Moscow woman did.
     Picking up the poo...and hurling it at the animal's owner.
     That's what blonde model Maria Ivakova, 26 (top foto) did.
      She confronted a woman in her convertible...after her small dog left a neglected 'gift'...and when the row became heated...threw the small stinky mess at her.
       Now Ivakova has begun a social media campaign called 'Clean the poo made by your friend.'
      Of course...a video of the confrontation has gone viral...with more than 1 million hits since 2 July.