01 July 2012

EUROCUP 2012 / ITALY / SPAIN: 02 July UPDATE: NEW FOTOS: EU Football Insanity Culminates...With Spain 4-0 Rout!

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        Fans flocked to Kyiv for the Eurocup final between Italy and Spain.  
      Authorities estimated some 500,000 foreigners may have visited Kyiv.
      What they saw...was a 4-0 rout by the repeat Euro and World Cup champion...the very dominant Spain.
     Italian PM Mario Monti and PM Mariano Rajoy were there to cheer their squads.
     Spain was favored...because of its boring but steady short ball control...and excellent goal keeper...Iker Casillas.
       Italy's gatekeeper Gianluigi Buffon...however...proved to be the day's buffoon.
        Spain set a historic record winning the 3 major championships in a row.  
       Also...in 4 years...La Roja allowed only 19 goals while scoring 94...and achieved a .902 winning percentage. 
      Importantly...most of its players will still only be 30...for Brasil's World Cup.
      Yet USA TODAY reports Brasil is still favored to win the 2014 World Cup...a bet of $100 to win +275; Argentina and Spain are both at +550.
      But a good argument can be made that this Spanish squad is the greatest football team of all time...and no doubt will...over many drinks in taverns around the world.
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