07 June 2012

GREECE / EUROZONE : 08 June UPDATE :TV Punchout At The Parthenon; Former Commando On The Loose.

         With :22 Video

      A neo-Nazi...threw water at a panelist...and then hit another woman panelist several times during a heated TV debate...ahead of Greece's 17 June election.
       Former MP Ilias Kasidiaris...a far right Golden Dawn Party member...attacked a Syriza Party spokesperson with water...and then proceeded to slap and punch prominent Communist party member Liana Kanelli 3 times in her face.
       Police have ordered arrest of the former commando...but after more than 24 hours...Kasidiaris is still on the loose. 
       Some claim that police sympathizers are even aiding his escape...as the nation remains shocked over his televised attack on 2 women.