07 June 2012

ESTONIA / USA : 08 JUNE UPDATE: President Ilves Blasts Economist Krugman Over Economy And Austerity; Krugman Ignores Attacks.


     It's on...and ugly.
     Several Twitter diatribes eminated from Estonia's President Toomas Hendrik Ilves...about Nobel winning economist Paul Krugman.
      Ilves strongly objects to Krugman's short blog argument that austerity measures have not really been beneficial for Estonia's economy.
      Ilves get way too personal...and even accuses Krugman (of German heritage) of the usual eastern european ethnic slurs.
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     NEW!!! : Other economists support Krugman...pointing out that Estonia today is still not at pre-2008 levels. Estonia and Latvia were also lucky to be trading/banking partners with Sweden/Finland...who came thru the great recession mostly unscathed.