30 May 2012

UKRAINE / POLAND / UK : 01 June UPDATE: Kyiv And Online React To BBC Report On Football Hooligans/Racists; Amnesty Warns Of Corrupt Ukraine Police.


       Ukraine and Poland are accusing the BBC of 'unbalanced and biased' coverage in a report on extreme right wing racism at football matches...by Chris Rogers.
      Former UK star Sol Campbell (foto) even warned fans not to attend the Euro cup matches being held there...starting on 8 June 
     'Stay at home, watch it on TV. Don't even risk it...because you could end-up coming back in a coffin,' claimed Campbell.
              TO WATCH: 1:21 Video Report: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-18192375
 NEW!!! Online reaction to BBC report:
        "Football fans across Europe have been presented with quite a list of reasons not to travel to Poland and Ukraine for Euro 2012 which is scheduled to begin in a week. Ukraine “options” to choose from include mass killing of stray animals, hotel price gougings, the threat of 'beautiful Ukrainian women', homophobia and treatment of Yulia Tymoshenkp, Ukraine's jailed ex-PM. The newest item recently added to this extensive and diverse negative publicity menu is racism - and it is relevant for both Poland and Ukraine."

       ALSO: Amnesty International warns that the Ukraine's poorly paid police may be the biggest threat to foreign fans...because of apparent criminality...like extortions, beatings and bribes.