21 May 2012

UKRAINE : 22 May UPDATE: FEMEN Activists Get Ready For Euro 2012; Kyiv Promises Air Support For Football Matches.


      Ukraine's notorious FEMEN activists are gearing up for more outrageous topless protests in several Ukraine cities...and even Poland...during the upcoming Euro 2012 football matches.
     They say they are protesting the nation's sex industry.
     A Kyiv leader says 40 activists are ready to strip topless and aggravate police for their cause...including some from Brasil and France.
     The football matches are a target...and a platform...for the mostly young women...whom some critics dismiss as desperate attention seekers.
     Others wonder where funding for FEMEN salaries, fines, legal counsel and travel comes from.
     NEW!!! Ukraine's top security official promised helicopter and air support for football matches...but said controlling prostitution...'is like tilting at windmills.'
      He admitted that decriminalizing prostitution in 2005 was 'a serious mistake.' It is punishable with a small fine.
     An estimated 1.5 million there are involved in the sex trade...with 20% under age 18.