25 April 2012

HUNGARY / EU : Forint Rallies On Aid Talks; UN Blasts Orban's Refugee Treatment.


      The forint soared...the most in 3 years...after PM Orban scaled backs his takeover of the central bank...and the EU finally agreed to resume talks over $655mnn/E495mn in new aid.
      For 5 months...Orban refused to retreat from new restrictions on the cbank.
      Meanwhile...the UN issued a harsh report about Hungary's treatment of refugees.
      In 2010...Orban ordered all undocumented migrants locked up until their asylum claims were verified.
     Imprisonments for some have stretched into many months...with many complaints about the lack of food and medical care.
     "No other country (in Central Europe) is taking such extreme and harsh measures as Hungary does, and in no other country do we hear so many similar reports of abuse in detention," said a UN rep.