25 April 2012

PANAMA / USA : 28 April UPDATE : Police Search Hostel; FBI Joins Effort; Boyfriend Is Suspect In Disappearance Of USA Ex-Pat Baldelli.

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      Police have searched a hostel called El Sapo...for traces of blood...where missing American Yvonne Baldelli was last seen.
      Baldelli, 42, had recently moved to Panama's Bocas del Toro islands...in September...from Laguna Niguel, California...when all contact with her family ended in November.
    Naturally they grew worried and wondered what happened?
    They asked authorities to intensify a search for her...and included a reward for information.
    Police have questioned her boyfriend...ex-Marine Brian Brimager...and now the FBI is also investigating him.
    He has not been charged.
    Brimager left Panama 10-12 days after she was last seen.
    Baldelli is not the first woman to disappear from the Bocas area.
    St. Louis native Cheryl Lynn Hughes was one of 5 victims in Bocas that fugitive 'Wild Bill' Holbert...admitted killing.
    Hughes had owned the apartment where Baldelli lived.