25 March 2012

VENEZUELA / CUBA : Chavez Suddenly Back In La Habana For Radiation.


      President Hugo Chavez has suddenly returned to La Habana...for the first series of 5 daily radiation therapies.
     It means he will be there when Pope Benedict visits.
     There is no indication that he will join Raul Castro in meeting with the Pope.
     Chavez, 57...has often clashed with the clergy in his own country.
     He also indicated that he would return to Caracas for a 3 day break...before returning again to La Habana for another 5 day series of radiation.
      He admits his treatments there will persist for 4 or 5 more weeks.
      Chavez's energy levels may be seriously depleted by the many treatments...even as he runs for another 6-year term in October.
      He also now faces a new, united and strong opponent...Henrqiue Capriles Radonski, 39.