04 March 2012

MEXICO: Drug Payoff Charges Cloud PRI Image; 2 PAN Candidates Outrage Monterrey; Goodbye To LA Times Coverage.


      Image problems are clouding both of Mexico's  major parties.
     Tomas Yarrington...the former PRI governor of Tamaulipas...is charged with drug payoffs by the USA.
     President Calderon's PAN party is anxious to raise the PRI's old image of corrupt control...ahead of the presidential contest.
     But...as the WSJ reports...the PAN has its own problems...by choosing for election 2 candidates with connections to the Monterrey casino fire that killed 52...and outraged the nation. 

      ALSO: Sadly...this is the blog's last certain link to the LATimes. 
      Tomorrow...the LATimes...like the NYTimes and WSJ...moves behind a paywall...with just 15 free views monthly...which excludes linking for this blog's readers.
      It's goodbye...but many great thanks...for the excellent past Mexico coverage by Tracy Wilkinson and Ken Ellingwood; and to Chris Kraul for covering Colombia and Lat Am business news.
     This blog, of course, will continue to follow and note LATimes coverage...but cannot offer free links.
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