04 March 2012

POLAND: 5 March UPDATE: Rail Controller Charged In Krakow Train Crash That Killed 16 Dead, Injured 58.


      A rail traffic controller will be prosecuted for the crash of 2 express trains near Krakow...that killed 16 and injured 58.
     He faces up to 8 years in jail.
     The southbound Warsaw to Krakow train was inexplicably on the wrong mainline track....when it smashed into a second passenger train...at Szczekociny.
      There was maintenance work underway when the 9:15 pm accident occurred.
      PM Donald Tusk says it is Poland's 'most tragic train catastrophe...in many years.'
      Poland's state run rail system is old and in need of modernization...but there have been some improvements ahead of the Euro Cup...which starts in less than 100 days.
      The government insists that train travel is safe.

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