05 March 2012

MUSIC FOR MONDAYS : From Montevideo: The Group CAMPO With 'Viento.'

      4:21...static b/w foto

     Some visitors claim that MFM favors the music of Brasil and Cuba.
     Brasil felt like home...from my very first moment there.
     And...I stumbled upon its music...way back its 1967. 
     Despite Fidel Castro's goons shadowing me, I fell in love with Cuba's salsa during my many visits.
     But...today...MFM features a group from Uruguay.
     Not well known, suavecito singer Jorge Drexler...but a new 'subtropical' sound from CAMPO...with 'Viento'.
     Little but prosperous Uruguay sits across the Rio de la Plata from powerhouse Argentina.
     IMO...it has LatAm's coolest leader...Jose Mujica (foto)...who when elected in 2010 declared just a 1987 VW Beetle...as his total wealth.
    But Mujica's current popularity is only 42%...with 3 years left in his first term.
    His greatest support is among the young.

    FOR CAMPO Bio info: