14 March 2012

BRASIL : 17 March UPDATE: Court Blocks Trial Of Colonel Charged For 5 Rebels Missing During Dictatorship.


      An Amazon region judge blocked the trial of a retired colonel over the 1974 disappearance of 5 guerrillas...3 men and 2 women...in the jungle. 
     President Dilma Rousseff...herself once a tortured rebel...wanted the trial to go forward.
     But the judge in Para state ruled that the effort ran counter to a 1979 amnesty law.
     Federal prosecutors can appeal the decision.
     Col. Sebastiao Curio Rodrigues de Moura, 77...aka 'Curio'...commanded troops there fighting rebels and communism.
    Curio has been a federal congressman.
    Rousseff' was seeking accountability for crimes carried out during its 1964-1985 military dictatorship.