01 February 2012

MEXICO / LIBYA / CANADA : 8 Feb UPDATE: Officials Claim 2 Plots To Sneak Gadhafi's Son Into Mexico; Alleged Ontario Ringleader Vanier Claims Torture During Custody.

LINK CHANGE:   http://www.cbc.ca/news/world/story/2012/02/08/seglins-vanier.html

     Prosecutors now claim there were 2 separate plots to sneak al-Saadi Gadhafi out of Libya...and into Mexico's west coast...during turmoil there.
    The plots involved stolen passports and homes bought under false names.
    The alleged ringleader was a Canadian woman...Cynthia Vanier (foto)...from Mount Forest, Ontario.
    She has been charged along with a Danish man and 2 Mexican nationals.
    But prosecutors have dismissed some charges against the 2 men allegedly involved.

   ALSO: Vanier now claims she was tortured and abused during her 3 months in Mexican custody.