08 January 2012

VENEZUELA / USA : Chavez Shocks Opponents, USA With Rangel Silva Appointment; USA Expels Miami Consul.


     The USA has declared Venezuela's Miami consul...Livia Acosta Noguera...a 'persona non grata'..and ordered her to leave by Tuesday.
     They allege Acosta Noguera discussed cyber-attacks on the USA...with Iranian and Cuban diplomats...while stationed in the Mexico City embassy in 2008.

    AND:  The NYT reports on President Chavez's recent cabinet reshuffle. Especially disturbing for many...was the naming of Gen. Henry Rangel Silva...as Defense Minister.
    In 2008...the USA accused Rangel Silva of narco links...and working with FARC rebels.
    The opposition believes he is extremely hostile to democratic processes.
   “Naming him while he’s on the list that the United States has of likely corrupt officials involved in the drug trade in Venezuela is clearly a thumb in the eye of the United States,” said a Miami observer.