09 January 2012

POLAND: 10 Jan UPDATE: Poznan Military Lawyer Says He Shot Himself As Protest; Feared He Was A Marked Man.

                                          TELEGRAPH/ TO SEE: 1:15 video

       A Poznan military lawyer...defending army investigators over illegal wiretapping allegations in the aftermath of the tragic 2010 air crash that killed Poland's president and 95 others...shocked the media...by shooting himself in the head in his office...during a trial recess.
      Colonel Mikolaj Przbyl asked for a 5 minute break to "air the room".
      Happily...his condition is stable and not life threatening...with only a wound thru his cheek.
      Col. Przbyl told AP that he shot himself to 'defend the honor' of military prosecutors...and as a protest over plans to closing military offices.
      "I wanted to commit suicide...but aimed wrong," he said.
       He also claims that his life has been threatened...his car's tires tampered with...and his dog killed.