09 January 2012

MEXICO: Lopez Obrador Attempts A Business Friendly Makeover...To Win Presidency.


      Former DF mayor and defeated 2006 presidential candidate...Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador...aka 'AMLO'...is borrowing a page from ex-Brasil president Lula Da Silva's electoral playbook.
     He's trying to convince critics that he has changed his radical ways...and become pro business.
     AMLO lost in 2006 by less than a percentage point...and bitterly dismissed the election results for years...as false and fixed.
     Now...he's pledging to balance the budget and protect the central bank’s independence.
    "He’s realized that you can’t fix the world with socialism,” said a business dealer.“Businessmen were afraid he would expropriate their property. We realize he’s changed.”
     Recent polls show Lopez Obrador with 16% support.
     The PRI's Pena Nieto currently leads with 45%.