12 January 2012

CUBA : A Tale Of New Small Business Success...In The Hinterland.

                                         REUTERS/ Marc Frank

     Marc Frank has been reporting about Cuba...from Cuba...for a long time. 
     AP's Anita Snow is long gone. She famously tried to live on a typical Cuban's monthly rations...and, of course, lost weight.
     Upon landing...the Miami Herald's reporters are reportedly escorted to the next departing flight.
      Nick Miroff provides fresh insights for a number of outlets...from a nation known for punishing and expelling reporters.
     And longtimer Marc Frank treks on.

     Here he reports from the hinterland...a village called Guaimaro...about 400 miles from La Habana...and a new successful privately owned/paladar luxe restaurant...that legally sells those 2 rare but highly coveted Cuban dishes...lobster and beef.