25 January 2012

CUBA / BRASIL : 1 Feb UPDATE: Dilma Leaves La Habana With No Human Rights Reproach Complains Dissident Blogger Sanchez.

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      President Dilma Rousseff left Cuba after a 3-day visit to examine her nation's $650 mn expansion of La Habana's Mariel harbor...but without criticizing Raul Castro's human rights approach.
     Though Dilma threw a changeup to President Raul Castro...by issuing a 30-day visa to well-known dissident blogger Yoani Sanchez, 36 (foto)...to visit Bahia state and view a documentary about her...Rousseff did not push the issue...or the recent death of dissident Wilman Villar, 31, after a long hunger strike.
    Dilma called the issues internal affairs.
    In 4 years...Sanchez has applied for exit visas nearly 2 dozen times...but never allowed to leave the isla.
    Sanchez has been called 'an enemy of the Cuban revolution' by state spokesmen.