18 January 2012

AUSTIN / ISTANBUL: Perry Embarrasses Texas By Trashing Turkey.


     Seeming Texas Governor for Life...Rick Perry...bashed the USA's 50-year long NATO ally Turkey...in a attempt to curry right-wing favor...while feebly running in the GOP presidential primary in South Carolina.
    Perry has again exposed his legendary ignorance...and again embarrassed Texas!
    During a TV debate...Perry called Turkey...a 'country that is being ruled by what many would perceive to be Islamic terrorists.'
    He also called for Washington to cut off aid to Istanbul.
    Istanbul responded...calling Perry's remarks 'baseless and improper charges.'
    Turkey receives no USA funding.
    After China...Turkey has been one the world's fastest growing economy.
   Perry has also called on the USA...to invade Mexico...to combat narco violence there.

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