01 December 2011

USA POLITICS: After 32 Years..Dem Rep Barney Frank Retires...With Zingers About Newt.

                                        BOSTON GLOBE/Interviewed

      16 term/32 year Dem. Rep. Barney Frank (above) has announced his retirement...primarily because of what he sees as a re-districting problem in Massachusetts.
     But he had some typically ascerbic Frank comments about surprise current leading GOP prez. candidate...former House speaker Newt Gingrich (above): "He’s awful; he’s a despicable human being. He has no core philosophically; he’s no different from Mitt Romney in that regard. But also, totally worse than Mitt, he would go after people, he would lie about them, these tactics of destruction. I think he’s just one of the worst people that I know of who didn’t commit violence against somebody." 
     AND:  Kicking him when he's up...another GOP prez. candidate...TX. Rep. Ron Paul's campaign is running a 2:28 web ad attacking Newt's "Serial Hypocrisy."