20 December 2011

UKRAINE / BELARUS : FEMEN Claims Minsk Agents Abused 3 Topless Activists.

                                        REUTERS/ V. SUN

     The Ukraine-based FEMEN activist group...famous for topless protests...claim that 3 women members in Minsk were forcefully taken by 6 men...threatened with violence...made to strip...and abandoned naked in the woods....300 km/190 miles from the city.
     The women had been protesting...bare-chested...in front of state security headquarters... mocking President Alexander Lukashenko.
     "They were blindfolded and driven all night in a bus. They were taken into a wood. Petrol was poured on them. They were forced to strip and were threatened with being set on fire," said a statement.
     "They were threatened with a knife...which was later used to cut their hair," it said. 
      They were abandoned...naked in the woods...and without identity papers.
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