28 December 2011

HUNGARY: 29 Dec UPDATE: Unemployed Forced To Dig Ditches, Sweep Streets; Budapest To Fine Homeless.

                                            BBC / J.REED

     Hungary envisions its army of unemployed workers...about 45% of the population...digging ditches, picking vegetables and sweeping streets...to receive their benefits...or else receive... nothing!
    In the next year...more than 200,000 Hungarians will begin doing this public manual work.
    Workers will be paid 9 euros/$12 per day...more than unemployment benefits...but less than the minimum wage.
     Hungary will cut welfare funding...to pay for the workers.

   AND SEE 1:29 Video: A new law allows fining homeless people...for sleeping on Budapest's streets.
    There are 10,000 homeless in the city...and only 5,000 shelter beds. 
    The max fine is E460.