01 November 2011

CUBA : Only In La Habana...2005 Honda Civic...A Steal...At $65,000.

                                         NPR / N.MIROFF/ 4:01 with transcript

     Miroff does some of the most original reporting from La Isla Grande.
     Here he reveals a consequence of Raul Castro's recent liberalization of new car ownership.

NPR:  "What may be the most expensive Honda Civic in the world can be found in Havana.      There's nothing especially luxurious about the car: It's a red 2005 model, with 60,000 miles on the odometer.
     But what is special about this Civic is that there are few like it on the supply side of Cuba's used car market. And that's why Acela Claro says she's had plenty of interest, even though she's offering it for $65,000.
    "I've been getting calls and emails from as far away as Madrid," Claro says. She adds that the inquiries are coming from Cubans as well as foreigners on the island who want a newer car."

    All this interest in a nation where the average wage is...less than $20 per month.