02 November 2011

COLOMBIA : Women Fight Violent Paras To Keep Their Lands...And Gold.

    Part 4; 55 minutes

    Conflict is still ongoing in Colombia.
    Not just against the FARC rebels.
    Four million indigena, peasants and Afro-Colombians there have been dispossessed from their lands...by brutal paramilitaries hungry for the rich natural resources.
    This documentary features the story of 2 Afro-Colombian women in the gold rich Cauca region fighting to keep their small family mines despite threats and murders.

    AND: A new USA report says that 20 land rights activists have been killed during President Santos's time in office...August 2010.

     ALSO: Security is deteriorating along the Ecuador border...forcing many to flee...with  cases of sexual violence and women forced into prostitution...reports the ICG.