26 November 2011

BRASIL: Chevron's Rio Oil Spill Reawakens Environmental Fears.

                                         WSJ/ J.LYONS

     This is most recent and reliable summary of Chevron's recent oil spill in its $3bn Frade Field...off Rio's coast.

     Brasil is re-learning that its much desired and extensive oil exploration has consequences... with even bigger challenges ahead in the very deep waters of its expansive subsalt field.
    New info: at 3,800 ft...the Frade Field is not even at the much hyped subsalt depths.
    Chevron has been fined $80mn so far...with the spill area treated like a crime scene.
     Chevron must cease all work until the probe is concluded.

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   NEW!: Analysis From Reuters: The deeper you go...the more difficult it gets. A wake-up call for Rio?