27 November 2011

MEXICO: 28 Nov UPDATE: Failures Dealing With Dirty Drug Money; Few Sanctions On Blacklisted.

                                          T.WILKINSON, K. ELLINGWOOD
                                          3 screen read...combined

     Some observers claim narco money laundered in Mexico could be $50 billion...about equal to 3% of its GDP...and more than oil exports.
     While the government has expanded the marines and army roles fighting narco violence... experts say it has woefully lagged in fighting money laundering.
     "Without question, we have been at fault," Calderon admits. "The truth is that the existing structures for detecting money-laundering were simply overwhelmed by reality."
     "If you don't take away their property, winning this war is impossible," said Sen. Ricardo Garcia Cervantes. "You are not going to win this war with bullets."

  NEW!!! Part 2 of series. Few consequences/sanctions for convicted blacklisters.