05 May 2011

POLAND: A Thousand Copper Miners Riot In Lubin Over Pay; Fans Barred From 2 Football Matches Over Hooliganism Fears.

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   Several hundred copper miners have attacked the headquarters of KGHM mining in Lubin over pay disputes.
   PM Donald Tusk condemned the violence and threatened prosecution for anyone committing crimes while “hiding behind the banners of trades unions.”

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AND:  Fans will be barred from two league matches to show zero tolerance for stadium rioting after hooligans caused $13,000 in damage following Legia's win over Lech Poznan in Bydgoszcz.
  The Legia Warsaw's home game against Korona Kielce will be played...to an empty stadium.
  PM Tusk said: "Measures used so far have proven themselves inefficient. The modern stadiums we are building are not meant to witness Medieval-era kind of behavior."
   No arrests were made in Bydgoszcz.