30 March 2011

CHINA: Off Topic But Interesting: Ai WeiWei...Rebel Artist...With A Cause.

FRONTLINE: PBS / Alison Klayman 
17:58 Documentary 
Profile of Chinese artist and "troublemaker" Ai WeiWei
Sloooow Load / NO TRANSCRIPT !

  Ai WeiWei is China's most famous artist...and is feared by the government...for his fearlessness.

  Besides working in art and architecture, he has investigated the corruption and cover-ups of the government, exposing the shabby construction of Sichuan schools that collapsed during the 2008 earthquake and killed thousands of children. He also uses the internet (pictured below) to communicate with people all over China, especially the young. He was badly beaten by police, suffering a serious head injury. Later his extensive studio/home complex...was illegally demolished by the government.

  Anyone who has ever railed against authority or injustice...but felt powerless...even impotent...to do anything...will take heart...and caution...from this documentary. 
  Having lived in Cuba for a total of almost 3 years...and learned to HATE its system and injustices...the editor certainly qualifies.