07 May 2013

POLAND : 08 May UPDATE: Talisman And Marathon Exit Shale Search; Shale Gas Fracking Proceeds...Despite Residents' Fears.

       Talisman Energy and Marathon Oil have announced they are exiting their search for shale gas in Poland.
      But Ireland-based San Leon Energy said it would develop Talisman's 3 Baltic basin interests.
      In 2012...Exxon pulled-out from Poland...after disappointing drilling results there.
      Chevron still employs 30 people in Warsaw.
      But Polish officials are still counting on the USA's fracking technique to unleash new sources of nat gas and oil...freeing their nation from Russian energy dependence.
     Some 30 energy companies are already seeking shale gas.
     But in the EU...Bulgaria and France have outlawed the controversial technique.
     Many rural residents in Poland fear fracking's heavy reliance on water will ruin their lands.
     And...by law...residents don't hold any mineral rights...and thus have 'no skin in the game.'
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