11 May 2013

ITALY : Silvio Breaks Silence And Blasts Judges At Brescia Rally.

      3-time ex-PM Silvio Berlusconi broke his unusual silence...with a vengeance...at a peaceful rally in Brescia in northern Italy.
      Quiet after his first appeal on a fraud conviction was rejected this week...Silvio accused the magistrates of trying to end his political career.
     Even with the conviction...it is unlikely slippery Silvio will serve time..because of his age ...and Italy's convoluted appeals system.
     But...Berlusconi continued to lend support to the fragile ruling coalition of PM Enrico Letta.
     A close longtime Silvio aide is Letta's Deputy PM.
     Silvio faces at least 2 more trials...the infamous Bunga Bunga teen sex trial..and also for allegedly bribing a Senator with $4 million.