11 May 2013

BULGARIA : 16 May UPDATE: GERB's Borisov Wants New Elections After Slim Win; 350,000 Seized Fake Ballots Caused Commotion.


      The center right GERB party won Sunday's snap parliamentary election....but only took 31%.
      Experts predict it will have difficulty forming a coalition.
      If GERB fails...the 2nd place Socialists will get to form a government.
      GERB's leader...former PM Borisov is now asking for a new election...because of violations...and comments on the election's eve.
      Voter turnout was a historic low...53%.  
      2 days prior to the predicted close election...police seized 350,000 fake paper ballots.
     The election ballots were found in the Sofia printing warehouse of a center right GERB supporter.
      The building's owner denied any wrongdoing...claiming he had a license to print.