30 April 2013

VENEZUELA : Maduro's Vote Count Shrinks; Opposition Leader Gen. Rivero Arrested; 01 May Marches Could Turn Violent.

     Early results from a partial vote count audit have reduced winning presidential candidate Nicolas Maduro's slim lead even more.
      The state electoral council amended Maduro's victory margin to 1.49% or 225,000 votes...from the previously announced 1.80% margin.
      Losing candidate Henrique Capriles Radonski is still demanding a full count...but the election council has rebuffed him.
     Not surprisingly...Capriles Radonski won 93.13 % of the votes cast abroad.
     Final results of the partial audit (56% of the votes) should be ready by June.
     Former Chavez ally...turned leading opponent...Gen. Antonio Rivero was arrested  Saturday for instigating post election violence.
      Rivero has begun a hunger strike to protest his arrest.
      Both Maduro and Capriles supporters have announced plans for 01 May demonstrations...increasing the chance for violent clashes in the streets.