01 May 2013

CHECHNYA / RUSSIA / USA : 03 May UPDATE: Pro Bomber Posters Surface; Revisiting Grozny...Tamerlan And Kadyrov's Homeland.

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     Posters supporting the lone surviving suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing have appeared in Grozny.
      The posters picture Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and his mother...call him 'not guilty'...and appeal for online donations.
     Pro-Tsarnaev leaflets have also appeared Bishkek in Kyrgystan.
   AND: Once nearly leveled...today Grozny boasts new highrises...and seems prosperous.
     Former rebel leader and current strongman Ramzan Kadyrov's image is everywhere.
     But some young men...still choose to leave Grozny...and head into the forests that hide  militant Islam terrorists.
     At least 5,000 Chechens are still listed as missing after the civil war.
     Chechnya is also the nation that the Boston Marathon bombers...especially Tamerlan Tsarnaev...identified with. 
      Reporter Maria Golovnina writes about a recent visit to Grozny.
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