14 April 2013

VENEZUELA : Miss Venezuela 2009 Wounded...Novio Killed During Caracas Carjacking; Maduro's Lead Over Capriles...Shrinks To 7%.

     Whoever wins today's hotly contested and nasty presidential election...will have to deal with Venezuela's out of control violence.
      The nation was shocked Thursday by the wounding of...Laksmi Rodriguez, 27...Miss Venezuela 2009...and the murder of her boyfriend during a carjacking in Caracas.
     The thieves turned murderers blocked her novio's Toyota truck...as he was taking her home...shooting him twice.
     He died on the way to the hospital.
     Laksmi was shot in the thorax and her condition is listed as stable.
     In Venezuela...beauty queens are major celebrities. 
     The nation celebrates plastic surgery and augmentation.
     Regarding Sunday's election...recent polls show opposition candidate Henrique Capriles Radonski had narrowed Chavez successor Nicolas Maduro's lead...to 7%...from over 15% a week ago.