28 April 2013

TEXAS / CALIFORNIA / MEDIA : Gov. Perry Demands Apology From Newspaper For Editorial Cartoon About Fertilizer Plant Blast.

     Extremely conservative Texas Governor Rick Perry...who regularly touts the state's relaxed regulation and low taxes...to recruit businesses from other states and is especially fond of ridiculing California...is now demanding an apology from a California newspaper cartoonist.
     Jack Ohman...the editorial cartoonist for the daily Sacramento Bee...drew Perry praising the state's booming business...next to a frame depicting the recent fertilizer blast...that killed 14...and damaged or destroyed 142 buildings in little West, Texas.
    Perry described the cartoon...'as someone mocking the tragic deaths of my fellow citizens and our fellow Americans.'
   He demanded the newspaper apologize.
   The newspaper defended its cartoon...'as a strong statement about Gov. Perry's disregard for worker safety.'