28 April 2013

SOCIAL MEDIA : This Newsblog Returns To TWITTER.

      After a nearly 3-year hiatus...this newsblog has returned to TWITTER... https://twitter.com/hyperobserver.
       The account is currently following 13: 7x economics-minded observers...Paul Krugman, Nouriel Roubini, Robert Reich, Roben Farzad, Ian Bremmer, Naomi Klein and freakonomics; 4x USA comedians...Bill Maher, Sarah Silverman, Steve Martin and Jerry Seinfeld; and 2x world news watchers...Bill Keller and Fareed Zakaria.
      It will be very fluid.
      More are sure to be added.
      Constant heavy self-promoters will be ruthlessly deleted.
      One alleged advantage of linking some stories to Twitter instead of this newsblog...is that paywalled websites can be shared and accessed freely...without visit limits...eg. the NYTimes and LATimes. 
     But...caution...this is an untested premise.
     Another reason for rejoining Twitter...the imminent July demise of Google's Reader...already kaput from gmail's pull-down menu.