26 April 2013

SPAIN / EU: Protesters Clash With Police In Madrid; Unemployment Hits Record 27.2%; Rajoy Wants 2 More Years For Deficit Relief.

     Over 1,000 protesters clashed with 1,400 police outside the parliament building in Madrid...after a record high unemployment rate...27.16%...6.2 million people...was announced.
     Some in the mob threw bottles at police...and 29 people were injured along with 13 police officers.
     At least 15 were arrested.
     Conservative PM Rajoy announced new reform measures today.
     He is seeking at least 2 more years to meet EU deficit rules.
     Spain's economy is projected to shrink again this year...by 1.5%.
     A recent poll showed Rajoy's party with less than 25% approval.

TO WATCH: 1:01 Video Protest Report