05 April 2013

NORTH KOREA / SOUTH KOREA / JAPAN / USA / HUMOR : Hackers Mock Kim Jung Un...For Disturbing World Peace; Internet Sends Kim...Many Memes.

   Like most of the world...many anonymous hackers are upset by the warlike posturing and bellicose threats coming out of Pyongyang...supposedly instigated by 30-year-old Kim Jung Un.
    So...some hacked North Korea's official Twitter account....and on its Flickr page displayed the image of Kim...as a pig with Mickey Mouse on his ample stomach.
   The hackers also offered a $1 million bounty on him.
     Kim Jung Un has declared an 10 April deadline, alerted foreign embassies to evacuate staffs from Pyongyang...and moved 2 long range missiles to secret launch locations.
   AND/SEE: The internet on Kim's threats. It's not very afraid.