03 April 2013

CANADA / GERMANY / CELEBRITY : Pop Singing Star Bieber Blasted For Monkey Abuse.

    The media is piling-on poor teen idol singer Justin Bieber again.
    Sure...the 19-year-old has been dressing weirdly lately.
    This blog reported on his recent UK appearance...and paparazzi lash-out there.
    Those saggy pants were...funny looking!
    Also...that bare chest...with tighty-whiteys showing...while going thru Polish customs... and 14 F temps...frankly seemed mighty odd!
    But now...some animal rights activists are accusing 'The Bieb' of 'animal abuse'...after his baby pet monkey Mally was confiscated and quarantined in a German animal shelter last week...for lacking necessary documents.
    The animal activists claim he is guilty of animal cruelty...with the capuchin given to him for his 19th birthday on 01 March.
    Some predict the small animal will suffer 'serious behavioral disorders'...because the 14-week-old monkey was separated from his mother too soon...at only 9 weeks of age.
   Mally was said to be eating well...and happily playing with a stuffed toy cat.
   Meanwhile...someone from his management group has finally inquired about documents necessary to free Mally from its 4-week quarantine.
   Bieber is also liable for a $17,000 fine plus costs of caring for tiny monkey at the animal shelter.