18 March 2013

USA / POP CULTURE : Bible TV Series Satan Resembles...President Obama.

         Was it intentional...or accidental?
         The surprise monster TV hit...the 10 hour History Channel cable series...The Bible...has an actor playing Satan...who looks a lot like...President Barack Obama.
          About the series' success...veteran reality show producer Mark Burnett claimed: 'The hand of God was on this.'
           Burnett told CNN that Satan's resemblance to Obama in the 3rd episode...was 'utter nonsense.'
          The Brit and his co-producer wife supported Obama in the 2008 campaign...even donating money...but gave nothing to the President in 2012. 
          Most critics panned the production..but it outdrew American Idol.
          The last episode airs on 31 March.
          What do you think about Satanas/Satan's resemblance to Obama?