08 March 2013

DENMARK: 63 Diners Sickened At Lauded Noma Restaurant.

     Is drooling over TV cooking competitions...and famous chef shows...one of your guilty pleasures?
     Hey...who knew that Anthony Bourdain was so funny (eg, his wet deuce airplane tweet)...and Gordon Ramsay was so fiery, profane, insulting and anti-French?
    But...it wasn't funny...and the hushed atmosphere was probably filled with profanity...at Copenhagen's much lauded Noma restaurant...after an estimated 63 diners got sick there in February.
     Inspectors are probing why so many diners got ill during a 5 day period...from apparent food poisoning.
     Officials called it a 'massive' outbreak.
     Apparently an ill cook vomited while preparing food...and the kitchen was not fully disinfected.
     Since opening in 2004...Noma has been widely praised for its reinvention of Nordic cuisine, winning Michelin stars and worldwide recognition...as well as charging high prices ($260) for its set meals...not including wine.